Electronic Tribal Music – Alternative Tribal Music – SplitBrain’s Spotlight 1

If you’ll search Google or YouTube for ‘electronic tribal music’ about 90% of your search results would be related to a musical genre called ‘Tribal-House’.This musical genre dominates the cyberspace.Quite heavily I dare say.It’s basically ‘house’ music ( or ‘deep’ house whatever that means… ) with an emphasis on percussion parts especially Latin percussion.YouTube is flooded with tracks\mixes\DJ sets etc. of Tribal-House music.Actually you can’t escape it even if you really wish to.

But…. some of you might be surprised to know that electronic tribal music has many other flavors.In this blog series I’ll try to spotlight some of my favorite electronic tribal artists whom I think have an interesting & original contribution to the ‘electronic tribal’ music world, broadening & enriching its definition & many times escaping any trivial definition.