Electronic Tribal Music – Downtempo\Chillout\Ambient – Splitbrain’s spotlight 4

Electronic Tribal Music – Downtempo\Chillout\Ambient – Splitbrain’s spotlight 4


In my previous electronic tribal ‘spotlight’ blog series I have covered alternative tribal, tribal trance, & the industrial tribal sub-genres.My goal is to introduce to you the many flavors that exist within the so called tribal music genre in addition to the painfully dominant tribal house genre which is basically house music with some emphasis on Latin percussion.No electronic tribal music review would be complete without mentioning a very important branch in the tribal tree & this is the downtempo tribal genre.Often also called chillout or just chill or ambient or psybient ( the ‘psy’ taken from another electronic genre – psytrance ) or psychill or even dub.All these musical terms & descriptions usually refer to one musical style with a few common characteristics : a rather slow tempo usually between 80-110 BPM , a significant emphasis on melodic & harmonic content & a general relaxing, pleasant & atmospheric musical vibe. (more…)

Electronic Tribal Music  – Industrial Tribal Music – SplitBrain’s Spotlight 3

Electronic Tribal Music – Industrial Tribal Music – SplitBrain’s Spotlight 3

If you read my previous spotlight blog series you know that I’m exploring the so-called electronic Tribal Music genre & that I’m trying to introduce to you some alternatives to the painfully dominant Tribal-House genre & show you a wider range of Tribal Music alternatives.There are quite a few of them & this blog IS the right place to explore that.

In my 3rd spotlight series I’ll focus on a very interesting alternative Tribal Sub-Genre I would refer to as Industrial-Tribal or Industribal to make things short & funky….General characteristics of this genre would be a heavy use of drums & percussion with different elements of noise ( distorted percussion\vocals\instruments & sound effects ), ethnic instruments & dark ambient soundscapes.I’ll ignore the dark symbolism & imagery which is very characteristic of this genre & I’ll try to focus on the musical content & its Tribal influences. (more…)

Electronic Tribal Music – Tribal Trance – SplitBrain’s Spotlight 2


In my 2nd article of my ‘Spotlight’ series I’ll try to focus on the great combination of trance music especially Psytrance with Tribal music elements.It will be another great opportunity to show you more of the tribal music out there besides the painfully dominant ( and rather boring ) Tribal House genre. (more…)

Electronic Tribal Music – Alternative Tribal Music – SplitBrain’s Spotlight 1

If you’ll search Google or YouTube for ‘electronic tribal music’ about 90% of your search results would be related to a musical genre called ‘Tribal-House’.This musical genre dominates the cyberspace.Quite heavily I dare say.It’s basically ‘house’ music ( or ‘deep’ house whatever that means… ) with an emphasis on percussion parts especially Latin percussion.YouTube is flooded with tracks\mixes\DJ sets etc. of Tribal-House music.Actually you can’t escape it even if you really wish to.

But…. some of you might be surprised to know that electronic tribal music has many other flavors.In this blog series I’ll try to spotlight some of my favorite electronic tribal artists whom I think have an interesting & original contribution to the ‘electronic tribal’ music world, broadening & enriching its definition & many times escaping any trivial definition.