Drum Meditations EP is finally out !

I believe this EP demonstrates SplitBrain’s Drum Music aesthetics in it’s purest form.No melodies, no hooks, no lyrics, no vocals.Rhythm composition only.As the name implies all the pieces in this EP are meditative & repetitive by nature but unlike the typical meditation music out there which is usually relaxation music this EP is more about tension & relaxation & the relationship between the two.Those of you who are familiar with my music & past releases will probably recognize some of the tracks here.Taiko Drum Hallucination was already released to my soundcloud as a live studio jam called Taiko Drum Meditation.This studio version is much tighter in terms of composition, has much better sound & mix & is indeed much more hallucinatory in nature… The DJ Version of that composition is completely identical to the main version with one exception : it has constant 138 BPM tempo.No BPM acceleration by the end of the track.The 2nd composition Alpha Warriors Meditation was already released in my 1st album Ecstatic Rhythms 1. I have decided to release it again due to it’s meditative nature but this time with a much better sound & mix I believe.Hence MK2.Those of you who will compare the two versions will definitely notice the difference.It is a 6\8 time signature drum composition which is all about building tension & relief through various rhythmic elements. The 3rd piece in this EP Drum Meditation No. 3 is a completely new composition.Based on a hypnotic frame drum loop the whole composition evolves & progresses to its main climax after which the tension is gradually relieved until complete relaxation & calm.Note that this composition has no kick.The forth composition Gong Meditation is perhaps the most meditative piece in this EP.Its based on 3 different ( but similar )  gong samples & their powerful meditative sound qualities.It evolves & climaxes into a faster & more intense drum composition & then gradually dissolves back to deep gong meditative drones.I really hope you’ll enjoy this Drum Meditations  journey & as always feel free to leave a comment & send me your feedback.If you haven’t done it already then i encourage you to signup below & get your completely FREE copy of Drum Meditations EP & all the rest of my music 🙂