Ecstatic Rhythms 1.

My new debut digital album.

Just hit the play button on the bottom of this page & immerse yourself in tribal ecstasy brainwaves 🙂

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As the name suggests it is focused on musical ecstasy created mainly by rhythm.

I will explore the rhythmic phenomenon from many different angles in my blog.

When we think about rhythm many of us think mainly about drums & for a good reason.

I love drums.Many kinds of them.I have a special weakness for frame-drums.

I guess you’ll notice that once you’ll listen to my music.

I’ll be blogging about the drum universe in general & frame-drums &  percussion world in particular.

But the rhythmic phenomenon is not confined to drums only.It can be found in all other instruments.

The bass is probably another main act in creating rhythmic ecstasy & drive.

I’ll try to explore the bass phenomenon as well & its contribution to rhythmic ecstasy.

Musical build ups have another major contribution to rhythmic ecstasy & climax.

I’ll try to explore that as well in my blog.

Now let’s speak about the rest of the blog title.

Electronic music.A bit misleading a term.Most of electronic music today contains some acoustic elements in it.

Vocals , drums , percussion & other acoustical instruments.The right term should therefore be electro-acoustic music.

But that’s too long & probably less groovy…Let’s leave it with electronic.

The word ‘tribal’ obviously has tons of meanings…I’ll try to explore it mainly from a musical & genre-oriented perspective.

You are all invited to contribute your insights to the ‘tribal’ phenomenon & of course to any other subject that

will be covered here.

I guess that will be a good starting point for my blog.Let’s see where does it go from here…

You are all more than welcome to join my exploration journey into rhythm ecstasy in all of its forms 🙂